Saturday, February 9, 2013

The End of Monotony

Preparation. Rarely do I find myself completely prepared for something. Whether it be going out to coffee with a friend or living in a new country, I'm never truly truly prepared. So when I woke up on Tuesday morning with my bags packed and ready to go, I realized I wasn't truly ready. But I got on the plane and headed of to a new adventure anyways.

The experience of getting on the plane was weird. It was the first time I had been on a plane by myself, and I was a bit uneasy. Mainly, it was the thought of losing my effects. Thankfully, I had a great book to read, and the ability to fall asleep in most situations. The trip went of without a hitch, except for the connection in London.

I only had 30 minutes to get to the plane, so I hustled through a security check point and asked an attendant for directions. He had expressed to me that I had gone the wrong way, so I cautiously went back the way I came. I met another attendant who informed me that I was mistaken and I had to run back. I flew as fast as I could to gate and made it with a minute to spare. I learned two things in London Heathrow. One is never trust the attendants from Fly Emirates, and rule number one...Cardio.

The rest of my time in Vienna has been just trying to find my footing. I lost my baggage at the airport (I got it back), then I couldn't get into my apartment (I stayed in hostel and figured it out the next day), and I needed internet (thank you McDonalds). Now I'm at a place where I can enjoy the small things. Just being in a place with gorgeous architecture, beautiful people, and a rich culture is refreshing. But my hardships now lie in my ability to communicate. German isn't  necessarily hard to understand, but starting a conversation has been extremely difficult. Hopefully, the German class I'm taking next week will solve some of my problems. 

What I'm already taking away from this experience is that sometimes you should shock yourself out of your habits. My last two months has been filled with apathy, laziness, and a lack of motivation. For me it was a change of setting. I already feel more motivated and excited than I have in a long while. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.


P.S. I tentatively plan to update my blog on Sunday's.

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